Tools & Databases

Ambitious organisations

Useful quantitative analyses depend on high-quality data. This is why Blonk Consultants has developed various tools and databases for use in data collection and analysis.

Does your organisation want to transition to sustainable products and transform the operational processes and reporting cycles in its supply chains? For such ambitious organisations we develop and maintain data management systems. These customised solutions can be easily connected to your existing data system and include technology development (IT tools), maintenance, and procedures for collecting data and reporting.

Tools for Experts

Blonk Sustainability Tools

Especially for experts we have developed a tool portal. In this tool portal you will find a collection of smart solutions, which will give you a better understanding of sustainability issues. Our tools are especially designed for ambitious organisations and experts working in the agri-food sector and sustainability.
  • Smart tools & solutions
  • Save time & money
  • Get insights in sustainability of your products, processes and innovations

Smart solutions

Some examples of Tools & Databases

Over the years we have developed various tools and databases. Some are already used widely in the agri-food sector.

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