Some examples of our work

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  • Smart software solutions for sustainability experts

    We are proud to introduce Blonk Sustainability Tools, our tool development platform that offers smart software solutions for sustainability experts in the agri-food sector.
  • Product Portfolio

    We are frequently asked to share data of specific products. Over the years we have collected (environmental) data of more than 550 products. We are happy to share an overview with all these products with you. The overview contains the year of the study and whether the data is confidential or not.
  • Facts & Figures – Environmental impact of foods

    We believe that making the agri-food sector and society more sustainable and healthier begins with accurate and clear information. Over the years we have collected a lot of information and carried out many studies into the environmental impact of agricultural produce and foods. We are also frequently asked to share what we have learned – which is why we are happy to publish a number of key figures.
    Klimaatimpact voedingsmiddelen
  • Environmental impact of meat substitutes

    For the Dutch Consumers’ Association (De Consumentenbond) we identified and compared the environmental impacts of various meat substitutes. The different meat substitutes and meat products, such as mince and hamburgers, were analysed and compared using life cycle assessment methodology. The assessments covered the following impact categories: climate change, water use and land use.
  • Understanding Avebe’s environmental product performance

    Avebe is a cooperative of starch-potato growers focusing on extracting starch and proteins from potatoes. Blonk Consultants worked with Avebe to develop a bespoke life cycle assessment (LCA) model that can be used to calculate the environmental footprint of each of the products in the company’s portfolio.
  • Product Environmental Footprint

    Measuring environmental sustainability of products is a big challenge. There exist many labels, which currently confuses consumers en producers. Therefore, the European Commission proposed to develop a standard method for measuring and communicating environmental performance throughout the life cycle.
    Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)
  • Eating for 2 degrees – WWF UK and sustainable diets

    In 2011 WWF UK published the first 'Livewell plate'. This was very successful in putting the topic of sustainable diets on the agenda of governments, food companies and health organisations, as well as demonstrating that it was possible to incorporate sustainability in dietary recommendations. Building on this success and the 'Paris Agreement' WWF Uk decided to update the Livewell Plates.
  • Sustainability of plant trays analysed

    Royal FloraHolland commissioned Blonk Consultants to study the environmental impact of plant trays. The environmental performance of the trays was identified in a life cycle assessment (LCA) covering the whole supply chain.
  • Natural capital & protein crops

    Which crops have the best potential as source of vegetable protein? The market for vegetable proteins is growing. However, the knowledge on new protein sources is not complete. What about the environmental impact, biodiversity, technical features and financial feasibility? Commissioned by RVO and Vivera we’ve created a Protein Selection Chart. It gives an overview of the various financial, environmental and technical aspects of new sources of vegetable proteins.
  • Direct Land Use Change Assessment Tool

    Deforestation is one of the major issues facing the global agriculture production system, with as much 8% of global CO2 emissions being attributable to land use change. A big challenge for practitioners of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) is to translate this impact of land use change to specific crops from specific countries while little primary data is available.
    Direct Land Use Change Assessment Tool
  • Fruits & Vegetables Calendar

    Milieu Centraal is a Dutch organisation, which helps consumers to make sustainable choices. One of the products of this organization is the Fruits & Vegetables Calendar. This calendar provides insights in the sustainability of different types of fruits and vegetables.
    Groente & Fruitkalender
  • Sustainability reporting

    “Ask not what you can do for your data, ask what your data can do for you.”

    Many companies are reporting or planning to report on their sustainability performance. We prepare the data for sustainability reports and various external benchmarks and help improve existing data management.
    Sustainability report
  • Measuring sustainability performance innovations

    Blonk Consultants developed an innovative holistic method, to measure the sustainability performance of innovations on environmental, economic and social indicators. The method was established during an interactive development process in which we drafted, tested and adjusted the method in several iterative rounds while evaluating TransForum’s innovative initiatives.
  • Insight into sustainability performance

    The sustainability labels introduced recently by Agrifirm Feed give stakeholders information on the sustainability performance of the company’s new feed concepts and products. This step by Agrifirm makes an important contribution towards improving the sustainability of our food. The labels also promote transparency within the sector and towards supply chain partners.
  • Frontrunners in sustainability – Agri-footprint® Performance Report

    Recently the environmental impact of Meatless has been evaluated. The results are presented in an ‘Agri-footprint® Performance Report’. This report shows why a product is a front runner in the field of sustainability. Furthermore, the Agri-footprint® Performance Report presents the environmental performance of a specific product in a visual, clear and attractive format. So, it is ready to be used as a communication tool on sustainability of a specific product.
  • Menu for Tomorrow: Healthy and sustainable diets

    For the Dutch environmental organisation Natuur & Milieu Blonk Consultants investigated what such a healthy and sustainable diet would be for the Netherlands. The result is the Menu for Tomorrow, which provides a considerable reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and a smaller claim on scarce natural resources.
    Gezond en duurzaamheid eetpatroon
  • Environmental impact of dairy substitution

    Commissioned by the Dutch Dairy Association (Nederlandse Zuivel Organisatie, NZO) Blonk Consultants researched the environmental impact of the substitution of milk, yoghurt, cheese and other dairy products in our diet.
    milieueffecten van zuivelvervanging
  • Life Cycle Assessment of milk and cheese

    For FrieslandCampina Blonk Consultants carried out a life cycle assessment (LCA) of semi-skimmed milk and semi-matured Gouda cheese. FrieslandCampina is a member of the consortium developing the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR) with the European Dairy Association (EDA).
  • Environmental performance of Dutch livestock farming

    As part of the implementation of the ‘Clean and Efficient’ agreement between government and the agro-food sector, the sector and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (previously NL Agency) asked Blonk Consultants to identify and describe the environmental effects of the efficiency improvements and environmental measures taken over the past 20 years.