Smart software solutions for sustainability experts

Introducing Blonk Sustainability Tools

Blonk Consultants is an international leader in the field of environmental impact assessment and sustainable nutrition. We have been advising businesses, governments, and civil society organisations in the agri-food sector for 20 years. Our work on environmental and sustainability issues is based on quantitative analyses and objective data. This generates the transparent results needed to make our world more sustainable. We are proud to introduce Blonk Sustainability Tools, our tool development department that offers software solutions for sustainability experts in the agri-food sector.

Accurate assessment of sustainability

There is a growing demand for clear and accurate assessments of the sustainability of agricultural products and foods. More and more agri-food companies assess and monitor the environmental impact of their products and declare this in their annual sustainability reports.

A growing number of companies realise that developing products that reduce environmental impact is not only crucial, but also a promising business opportunity. However, the impact of these innovative products must be properly assessed in line with the correct scientific standards. This means compliance with international standards and requirements on calculating environmental performance and using reliable and consistent data sources. At the moment there is a significant lack of clarity in this field and assessments take a lot of effort and expertise.

Smart software solutions for experts

To rectify this uncertainty and support organisations to assess their impact in an effortless and consistent way, we launched Blonk Sustainability Tools, our tool development department that offers smart software solutions for sustainability experts in the agri-food sector.

Our enthusiastic team of six developers is continuously working on tools to evaluate the environmental impact of agri-food systems. These tools include dedicated, tailor-made and ready-to-use solutions. At the core of all our tools are standardised and international calculation rules and consistent background data and benchmarks – all based on many years’ experience in the field. Our tools give reliable and consistent results and ensure compliance with the latest international requirements. Moreover, we make sure the outcomes are reproducible and transparent.

Highlights of our tool platform are APS-footprint, Agri-footprint and Optimeal. We have also made several bespoke tools for our clients, including FrieslandCampina.

Tailor-made sustainability tools

Our development team also build several tailor-made tools, customized to the specific needs and sustainability issues relevant for our customers.
An example is an online sustainability tool for dairy farmers of FrieslandCampina.

FrieslandCampina - Sustainability tool for member dairy farmers

We are very proud to work with organisations which aim for a more sustainable world. One of these global frontrunners is FrieslandCampina, a Dutch multinational dairy cooperative and one of the largest dairy companies in the world. They want to lead with sustainability and work to achieve multiple sustainability goals to keep people, animals, and our planet healthy. Together with their member farmers they want to produce milk in the most sustainable way possible and have agreements for every step in the production process. To help FrielandCampina’s dairy farmers with this we built a tailor-made online sustainability tool.

Sustainability insights for dairy farmers

The tool gives member farmers customized insights to make their farm more sustainable. In practice, the tool visualizes the environmental performance of the farm over pre-established impact categories based on their own activity. Using the tool, farmers choose among a series of measures and observe in real time how these measures (i.e. changes in their regular activity) will affect (improve or deteriorate) the environmental performance of their farms over specific impact categories like climate change.

Robust, insightful and user-friendly

Based on the relevant environmental standards in the field (e.g. Kringloopwijzer, Foqus planet score), we developed the tool’s calculation engine to determine the environmental impact of dairy farmers and the effect of changes in their activity. We also conducted different user tests engaging member farmers to design the best possible user experience and create an intuitive user interface, which is easy to follow.

The end-product is a tool that not only gives useful insights into environmental impact, but is user friendly at the same time. Farmers can easily use it and interpret the results, which will incentivize the use of the tool and strengthen farmers’ engagement to find ways to improve their environmental performance.

impresseion maatregelentool

Impression of 'Maatregelen tool'

More information

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