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[WEBINAR] How to determine the footprint of agri- and food products?

Interested in sustainability of agri- food products? Want to understand the environmental impact of food? Keen on comprehending the applicability of Life Cycle Assessment method on agri-food sector? On the 15th of […]

Let’s meet at LCA Food 2016

The team of Blonk Consultants & Agri-footprint® will be present at LCA Food 2016 in Dublin! We are happy to meet you and learn you more about Agri-footprint®, the latest developments of […]

Life Cycle Assessment Training

Blonk Consultants organises a two day Life Cycle Assessment training, focused on agricultural and food products. This training is a perfect start to gain a better understanding of LCA.

WWF & Sustainable Diets

In 2011 WWF UK published the first ‘Livewell plate’, which was followed by Livewell plates for France, Spain and Sweden in 2013. They were very successful in putting the topic of sustainable […]

The contribution of capital goods in agricultural LCAs

The aim of life cycle assessment (LCA) studies is to model a product’s life-cycle as completely as possible, in order to make accurate calculations. This comprehensiveness makes a study time-consuming and extensive. […]

Transparency in environmental impact of feed industry

Blonk Consultants is involved in a major new global development to contribute to enhance transparency and support development of innovations of animal products. In order to correctly measure the environmental impact of […]
Inzicht in duurzaamheidsprestaties

Insight into sustainability performance

The sustainability labels introduced recently by Agrifirm Feed give stakeholders information on the sustainability performance of the company’s new feed concepts and products. This step by Agrifirm makes an important contribution towards […]
duurzame en gezonde voeding

Schijf van Vijf 2016: Key role for Optimeal®

On 22 March this year the Netherlands Nutrition Centre (Voedingscentrum) presented its totally revised Schijf van Vijf guidelines on the five principle components of a healthy diet. These guidelines are provided to […]
Gezond en duurzaam eetpatroon

Pulses are significant in future healthy and sustainable diets

2016 is the International Year of Pulses (IYP), as declared by The 68th UN General Assembly. Blonk Consultants recently investigated what a healthy and sustainable diet (Menu for Tomorrow) would be for […]
gezonde en duurzame voeding

Optimeal® 2.0: insights and solutions for food issues

One of the biggest challenges today is to make food production and consumption both healthier and more sustainable. The Optimeal® tool, developed by Blonk Consultants, provides insight in this complex matter. It […]

Agri-footprint®: a keystone database for sustainable food worldwide

Worldwide, about 25% of all life cycle assessments are related to the agri-food sector. Good databases such as Agri-footprint therefore have a substantial impact. Agri-footprint has been available to the LCA community […]