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Welcome to Team Blonk, Dieu Linh, Alessandra and Nynke!

Our team is growing, and we are very pleased to announce Dieu Linh, Alessandra and Nynke joined team Blonk over the past two months. All three strengthen the Blonk Sustainability Tools division […]
Team Blonk is growing: welcome Mariem, Melissa and Iana

Team Blonk is growing: welcome Mariem, Melissa and Iana

We continue to broaden our skills and talents. Over the past two months Mariem, Melissa and Iana joined Team Blonk. Mariem strengthens our international team of freelancers. Melissa and Iana join our […]

APS-footprint update

We are delighted to share the latest APS-footprint developments with you. This time we’d like to give you an update about the recent launch of Sustell™ together with DSM, the release of […]

Update of the Blonk Direct Land Use Change Assessment Tool

Deforestation and land use change (LUC) remain big, global problems and main contributors to climate change. Globally, forest coverage continues to decrease by an astonishing average of 4.7 million hectares every year […]

Blonk crosses the borders, becoming operational in the US and welcomes Marty Heller to the team

Team Blonk continues to expand, and this time we are crossing borders and welcome Marty Heller, who will represent Blonk in the US and Canada. Welcome Marty, we are very happy to […]

The applicability of LCA guidelines to model the effects of feed additives on the environmental footprint of animal production

Together with DSM we set up a methodological study, by way of road testing, to explore the applicability of sector Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) guidelines, such as FAO LEAP and European Commission […]

A dietary pattern that is healthy for both Belgians and the planet

Our current food system has a substantial environmental impact. On behalf of WWF-Belgium, we analysed which products fit in a sustainable healthy diet for a family of four. This research is part […]

APS-footprint as core engine for Sustell™ – an intelligent sustainability service by DSM and Blonk

At Blonk, we are very proud of our cooperation with innovative companies that bring sustainable business into practice. DSM is for us a strategic partner in developing our flagship APS-footprint tool. For […]

Marjolein and Daniele joined Team Blonk

Our team keeps on expanding with people who are highly motivated to make the world a sustainable and healthy place. In the past month we welcomed Marjolein and Daniele. Marjolein teams up […]

Welcome onboard Marcelo and Simone!

The Blonk Team keeps expanding! Two new colleagues have joined us since the beginning of 2021. Marcelo is no stranger to our team, some years ago he worked as a scientific model […]

Webinar Series: Environmental Footprinting of Food Value Chains

Have you heard of environmental footprinting or Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and want to know more – or fresh up your knowledge – about its purpose and methods? Join our Webinar Series!

How the GFLI initiative steers towards more sustainable animal production systems

Over the last years Blonk Consultants has been highly involved with the Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) initiative. Currently, we are assisting various sectors, regions and industries to disclose their data through the […]

APS-footprint update – towards more sustainable animal production

We are happy to share the latest APS-footprint developments with you. After our launch webinar on September 30th we received a lot of positive reactions from companies, that are recognizing the importance of making […]

Environmental impact analysis of a novel food ingredient

Recently we conducted an ISO-reviewed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Fermotein™, an innovative food ingredient which is used in vegetarian and vegan food products, produced by The Protein Brewery.

Future-proof and sustainable healthy diets based on current eating patterns in the Netherlands

Our colleagues Roline Broekema and Hans Blonk investigated together with a group of researchers what a future-proof and sustainable healthy diet could look like for the Netherlands. Their findings are published in […]

Science Based Targets in the agri-food sector

Climate change being one of the most urgent challenges of our time. Society is looking for ways to define the contours of a sustainable world. Accordingly, more and more companies are joining […]