Webinar Series: Environmental Footprinting of Food Value Chains

Webinar series - Environmental Footprinting of Food Value Chains

Join our live online training in March 2021

  • Have you heard of environmental footprinting or Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and want to know more - or fresh up your knowledge - about its purpose and methods?
  • Do you wish to future-proof your business by engaging in life cycle thinking?
  • Has your company committed to sustainability, are you looking where to start and how to integrate it within your company?
  • Are you curious to know more about footprinting of agri-food products?

Join our live webinar series!

Date: 1 - 8 March 2021

(Specific days and morning or afternoon sessions will depend on your modules of choice)

Location: Online

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Broaden your knowledge easily and fast with our interactive webinar series! Without travel time and adjusted to the current corona situation, you will learn about footprinting of food & feed products and how to best use it in your company. Afterwards at any time you can revisit the webinars and have access to all course materials online. You can join from every location in the world, we planned the sessions keeping the different time zones in mind.

Focus of the training

The first two sessions are meant as the core of the training – they are the same for everyone.
In the third session, you dive deeper into one (or more) specific product category, the one most relevant to you.

Session 1: Landscape of Environmental Footprinting in the Agri-food sector

Monday, March 1st 2021 (10 AM or 3 PM CET)
In this section you will learn about the main principles of environmental footprinting and LCA. We will dive into questions like: what are the main drivers for sustainability and what is the role of life cycle environmental management? What are the current developments in EU context and policy-making, with regards to for instance the EU Green Deal, “Green Claims” and the EU Farm-to-Fork strategy? We will also demonstrate case studies of companies that embrace LCA in their sustainability strategy.

Session 2: Environmental Footprinting Methodology

Tuesday, March 2nd 2021 (10 AM or 3 PM CET)
In this section, you will be introduced to the step-by-step methodology of LCA and to the differences between ISO compliant LCA studies and PEF studies. You will deepen your understanding through examples of crucial, sometimes controversial decisions that need to be taken when performing an LCA. We will also outline limitations that are often encountered when performing an LCA. Finally, you will explore methodological developments on topics such as carbon sequestration, plastic soup, and biodiversity. This session includes an assignment.

Session 3: Specialist session

March 3rd - 5th; 8th 2021 (3:30 PM CET)
In the third session, you will specialize in one or more areas of your choice. Advanced methodological topics and latest developments appertaining to each specialist topic will be discussed. Various case studies and practical examples will deepen your understanding and broaden your knowledge.
We offer sessions on environmental footprint and LCA on the following topics:

  • Arable crops and horticulture (March 3rd): This session includes crops both for food and feed applications. You will explore the mechanism of on-farm emissions and how these emissions induce different environmental impacts. For instance, we will look at land use change, carbon sequestration and biogenic carbon emissions. Besides open field cultivations, horticultural systems will be also addressed. Finally, you will learn about the limitations regarding environmental impacts, such as toxicity.
  • Animal Production Systems (March 4th) : In this session you will join us diving into animal farming- and slaughterhouse systems for different species such as pig, beef, chicken, and fish. You will explore on-farm emissions, compound feed consumption and parameters that affect the environmental performance of animal farm systems.
  • Retail products (March 5th): In this session, you will explore footprinting of food products at retail- and consumption level. You will learn about the relevance of farm-to-fork analysis, by investigating environmental hotspots along the whole value chain up until the consumer. Finally, you will learn more about relevant standards and tools, as well as current EU context.
  • Innovative/novel food products (March 8th): This session focuses on the type of novel ingredients that have gained increasing attention and reputation, such as plant-based proteins, meat replacers and fermentation products. You will learn about their production systems, and we will explore lifestyle changes and dietary patterns arising in this novel market.
Would you like to know more about the specific sessions, or is there an additional topic you are specifically interested in? Or are you interested in an in-company training specifically designed for you and your colleagues?

Please get in touch with Laura Wolf, send an email to laura@blonkconsultants.nl.

The training and training materials will be in English. You won't need access to LCA software for this training.

Meet the trainers

Over the years Blonk Consultants has become the leading specialist in LCA and footprinting of food and agricultural products. Our experts have considerable experience in this field and are pleased to share their knowledge with you.

Your trainers will be:

  • Elena Koukouna, Sustainability consultant and LCA expert
  • Jasper Scholten, Senior consultant, manager Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprinting

Your investment

Depending on your choice of specialist session(s), your time investment is approximately
one day in total. Every session takes around three hours. The individual follow-up session is one hour.

Business & Academic
Full training
(incl. one specialist session of choice)
995 euro 695 euro
Add a second specialist session 300 euro 250 euro
Add a third/fourth specialist session 175 euro 150 euro
Prices are excluding VAT.
Please note that this training will only be facilitated with a certain minimum of participants.

*Max. 10 spots available.

What is included?

  • 3 interactive online sessions of approximately 3 hours.
  • Online access to all webinar recordings, presentations, hand-outs and assignments
  • 1 hour of individual follow-up coaching by our experts
  • Certificate of participation

I want to join and learn more about environmental footprinting
and get ready for the future.

More information

If you have questions about this online training, or do you prefer an in-company training?
contact Laura Wolf at laura@blonkconsultants.nl or call +31 (0)182 579970.