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Blonk Consultants is an international leader in the field of environment, sustainability, nutrition and health. We find solutions to your environmental and sustainability issues.

We give shape to sustainability through research, advice, the development of tools and databases, and the provision of training. Our efforts are geared to helping companies, governments and civil society organisations put sustainability into practice.

Our work is always based on quantitative analyses and independent data. This generates the open and transparent results that will be of most value to your business or organisation. .

Sustainability expertise for the agri-food sector

All our consultants are specialists in sustainability for the agri-food sector. They will provide you with clear, specific advice based on sound, independent research and ensure that results can be effectively put into practice. They draw on the considerable body of knowledge and experience we have built up over the years and on our extensive network of experts.
  • International guidelines: We work according to the latest internationally recognised guidelines and methods.
  • Clear foundation:Our qualitative and quantitative analyses are known for their clear and robust evidence base.
  • Courage and ambition: We have the courage and ambition to break new ground in search of new understanding.
  • No-nonsense approach: Our no-nonsense approach and independence enable us to identify relevant issues efficiently and effectively.
  • Small team: We offer a personal service that is flexible and responsive to your needs.
  • Extensive network: We can call upon an extensive network of experts in the business community, NGOs and civil society organisations.

Meet the team

We work with passion on your sustainability issues


Hans Blonk


Jasper Scholten

Senior consultant

Roline Broekema

Senior consultant

Bart Durlinger

Senior consultant


Lody Kuling


Elena Koukouna


Mike van Paassen


Paulina Gual



Pieter van de Vijver


Roeli van Kesteren

Office manager

Meike van de Wouw

Manager marketing & communication

Amber van Veghel


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