Giving shape to sustainability

Blonk Consultants is an international leader in the field of environment, sustainability, nutrition and health. We advise businesses, governments and other organisations on environmental and sustainability issues facing the agri-food sector. We find solutions to your sustainability issues through:

Our work is always based on quantitative analyses and independent data. This generates the open and transparent results that will be of most value to your business or organisation.

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September 2017

Let's meet at LCM 2017

3 - 6 September, Luxemburg

This year’s Life Cycle Management conference (LCM 2017) will be held in Luxemburg. The Blonk Consultants team will be there and will be delighted to meet you. Read more!


September 2017

Free webinars - Agri-footprint 3.0

Introduction of Agri-footprint 3.0 in SimaPro and openLCA

We would like to inform you personally about the latest developments of Agri-footprint and will be holding several free webinars in September. Read more!

Understanding your sustainability issues

These are the types of questions we answer:

Forward thinking

What are the environmental impacts of our products? How can we measure these impacts and then reduce them? Knowing this can be vital for making effective strategic decisions.

Efficiency in production process

How can we make savings in energy and production costs

Responding to threats or
changes in the market

How can we respond to changes in the market, such as the increasing demand for healthy and sustainable food?

Giving shape to your Corporate Social Responsibility

How can we validate sustainability within our organisation, and how can we express and measure the sustainability of our company and products?

Responding to questions from customers and investors

Investors and customers demand transparent information on the environmental impacts of products and services. How can we assemble a reliable and trusted evidence base for reporting and customer information?

Sustainability standards

How can we standardise the calculation or labelling of the environmental impacts of our products? Or how can we find out how our products perform against specific (sustainability) standards?

Complex data collection and analyses

What forms of monitoring and analysis do we need to better understand our data? This may be needed for the complex parts of your sustainability reporting, such as the determination of indirect greenhouse gas emissions (scope 3 emissions).

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