May we present… our new colleagues

May we present … our new colleagues

Our team has been strengthened by Janjoris van Diepen, Riki Hissink and Nicolò Braconi

In the past few months Janjoris van Diepen and Riki Hissink have joined Blonk Consultants, Janjoris as a senior consultant and Riki Hissink as a software developer. Masters student Nicolò Braconi is with us to do an interesting internship research project. It goes without saying we are very pleased to have all of them in our team.

We are delighted to present Janjoris, Riki and Nicolò to you in their own words:

Janjoris van Diepen

Senior consultant

Janjoris joined our team as a senior consultant in April 2018.

'As a child I drew cars that sucked up their own exhaust fumes! Perhaps that was a sign that sustainability is in my blood. For my Masters degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Twente I took a special course in environmental technology and a minor in sustainable development, with internships in India and Peru.

After that I lived in South America for five years working for an online travel company. Back in the Netherlands I picked up my interest in sustainability again and worked for Trees for Travel, an organisation that provides carbon dioxide offsetting to individuals and businesses. I then worked for more than five years as a consultant for Zienergie, helping many businesses to develop their CSR policies and gain sustainability certifications.

Now at Blonk Consultants I am going to delve deeper into sustainability issues in the agri-food sector, a demanding industry in which the Netherlands leads the way. The sector faces major sustainability challenges and I want to make my contribution to meeting these challenges. In my free time I like to be on the move, either alone on my bike or travelling with my family in the Netherlands and abroad. At home I like to play around on the piano, often with my one year old daughter, who loves music too.'

Riki Hissink

Software developer

Riki joined our team as a software developer in April 2018.

‘Ever since my childhood I have been fascinated by nature and animals, and even at a young age I was determined to play a part in nature conservation by supporting various charities. Although my childhood dream was to become a vet, it became clear to me that I would rather tackle the underlying environmental problems than help individual animals. Having always been a puzzler and fascinated by solving issues logically, I began studying Computer Science at Delft University of Technology in 2011. I was fascinated by coding, but the course was obviously not about environmental issues and coding without purpose proved unsatisfactory for me. So I switched to Environmental Science in Utrecht, where I could learn more about sustainable development. During my studies I stayed connected to computer science by taking various programming and modelling electives. It was clear to me that I wanted to combine environmental science with computer science, which is the combination Blonk Consultants offered me.

Currently I am doing an elaborate training on Python to gather the knowledge I need to maintain and improve our current tools and hopefully develop new ones. I want to learn more about sustainability through my work and in my own way help to make the world a somewhat greener place. Looking at greenhouse gases, I believe it is very important to have more information about how food production and nutrition can help people to become healthier, to decrease the food divide and to increase sustainability for current and future generations.

The bottom line is, I love programming and the environment! In my free time I love to go for a swim, watch movies, expand my knowledge through online courses and read English novels.’

Nicolò Braconi

Masters student in Sustainable Food Process Engineering

Nicolò joined our team as an intern in April 2018.

‘As an Italian I have always taken food really seriously! It is not only a sensory pleasure and social occasion, but also a way to connect with nature and the environment. These ideas pushed me to study Food Technology, first at Perugia University and later at Wageningen University, where I took the MSc course on Sustainable Food Process Engineering. I approached the concept of sustainability assessment through my thesis, where I compared the environmental performance of different meat substitute products. I am excited to start this new experience at Blonk Consultants, where I will learn more about how organisms interact with the environment.

Having said all that, it may surprise you that I am not only a food engineer – in my free time I am an Ultimate Frisbee player, a worldwide traveller and an avid reader'.