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freija van holsteijn

freija van holsteijn

New colleague: Freija van Holsteijn

Freija van Holsteijn joined the Blonk Consultants team on 1 February this year as a junior consultant. We are delighted to present Freija to you in her own words:

Freija van Holsteijn

Junior consultant

“From an early age I have always been fascinated by nature and animals in general. I grew up in a small village in the Midden-Delfland area of the Netherlands, playing with frogs in the garden while the cows grazed in the fields behind. With my love of animals, I decided to study Animal Sciences at Wageningen University, where I became increasingly concerned by the environmental impacts of our food production system. In my Master’s degree, therefore, I focused on the sustainability of animal production systems. For my thesis and during my placement at the FAO I studied the environmental impact of animal feed. After my studies I worked for a time on identifying food wastage in the EU as part of the EU’s Circular Economy Package. At Blonk Consultants I want to work on making food chains more efficient and sustainable. In my free time I like to cook food that is sustainable as well as tasty, spend time with my friends and do yoga. And on holidays I’m never without my snorkel and fins! ”